The Sing And Spell - Learning Letters program is designed for pre-readers, and those who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Teacher Miss Cathy explains each letter of the English alphabet, introduces vocabulary, and encourages practice throughout the colorfully-animated series. Learning the alphabet through music is fun, interactive and engaging. Our lively characters sing songs to help kids learn individual letter sounds, build vocabulary, and develop word recognition skills. These are important steps in learning to read - that’s why we’ve made it fun!

 About the Composer

Mark Radice is a 3-time Emmy nominated composer who has written songs for The Jim Henson Hour,

The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Muppet Classic Theater, Sesame Street, Abby In Wonderland, and Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, and arranged the music for Kids’ Favorite Country Songs.


Learning Letters

 Preschool Phonics Education

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Your child's education is critical to their development. Phonics play is a fun way to encourage English learning in children, helping them begin to learn to read through word play. Each phonics song in the Sing And Spell alphabetical learning system is catchy, unique, and colorfully-animated, so early experience in learning to read with phonics for kids can be fun. Phonics songs can help your child begin their preschool education, and the free learning supplements we provide, which include alphabet puzzles, abc games for kids, alphabet coloring pages and alphabet cards, are designed to work alongside the phonics songs in Sing And Spell. We encourage parents to use every learning resource, starting from alphabet blocks at the earliest stages, to kindergarten books and other learn-to-read activities (ideas are included in our Teacher's Guide), and to be involved in their child's education - there is no substitute for a parent's loving care.

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Fulfillment by Kunaki.

Fulfillment by Kunaki.

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Watch us on YouTube!
Sing And Spell wins the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center's What's The Big Idea 48 Hour Launch contest.

"So Cool!! Characters like Al Phabet and Seymour Trax take children on an innocent, creative ride while teaching foundational letter sounds."  - Kris M., Ph.D., Head Start Mental Health Consultant

What people are saying about Sing And Spell

"As a parent, literacy educator, and marriage and family therapist, I think Sing And Spell is truly wonderful."  - Dana H., San Francisco

"I think it is awesome and I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try it on my kids.”  - Stephanie C., El Paso

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Follow along with Maestro Javier as he guides you through each lesson with fun and helpful songs and animation to make your child's learning experience engaging and memorable. The DVD includes all the content from our standard Sing And Spell - Learning Letters release. Help your child start to learn the English alphabet, words and pronunciation, all while having fun!

Fulfillment by Kunaki.

Descubra Inglés

Learn English while singing along to Sing And Spell's terrific songs!